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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Off To The Vet We Go!

"Me and Blossom went to the vet's this morning! The ride was lots of fun! Uncle John came along to help with Blossom.... I wasn't sure what they meant by that, but now I know. She is a big chicken!!! They had to LIFT her into the car! ha ha ha   I went right in like a good boy. AND I hugged and licked Uncle John so much, he gave me a new nickname..... Goober!  I don't know what it means, but I like the way it sounds. Its sounds FUN!!! And thats the way I am!"

"Here is Uncle John trying to coax Blossom out of Mama's car. She REALLY didn't want to come out either. Wish she'd make up her mind! He was talking soooo nice to her and offering these awesome dried chicken treats!   And still nothing! She said she knew what was going to happen.... I told her to stop being a sissy!    Well, she was kinda right about what happened to us. But its for our own good. Mama AND the doc both said that! First of all, I gained six more pounds. How about that! Then they did a bloodtest on her and we both got shots. AND that thing they call "fecal sample"..... AGAIN!!! Sheesh!  Doc says I still have hookworms. They must really like me, 'cause we've tried to get rid of them and they just don't want to leave. I know everyone likes me, but those hookworm fellas NEED to go away NOW."

" We finally got all through! And then Blossom and Uncle John went out for a walk around the big front yard at my vet's office. I stayed in with Mama and visited everyone I could! Met a dog named Toby. He was a LOT more friendly than the dogs that were there when we first went in. One of them growled a little at Blossom and scared her even more!  Then I saw a couple of the folks who looked after me when I stayed there at the kennel. The lady asked Mama "how is the little dog doing?". ha ha ha     Mama answered "look for yourself! This is him".   They were SO SURPRISED!!!  I gave her a great big doggie hug! Everybody said I look so Great!  I love going to the vet's office. They're all so nice there, I can't figure out what Uncle John was talking about. He whispered that my next trip wasn't going to be so easy, but that he had my back. And then something about guys having to stick together on these sorts of things. Wonder what he meant by that?"

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