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Monday, August 20, 2012

Mama Calls It "Tidying Up"!

"Howdy everyone! Came in from a spin in the yard, sandy nose and all! Haven't I grown a lot? And everyone says I'm even more handsome now. Mama said she was going to start tidying up things today. I had no idea what a mess she was going to make!!! And she fusses when Blossom and I do it. Sheesh!"

"I tried to stay out of her way by going over where she had to pull out the stove. The rain has caused leaks and it made a puddle under here where she couldn't see it. That was a bad thing! Boy, did she use some rough language when she discovered the mess! Even had to pull up something called 'linoleum'. She found there were two layers of it. I guess thats a bad thing too 'cause she sure let fly with some more rough language! Hooo boyee! Can my Mama ever cuss up a storm! Uncle Ahulee and me tried to cuss along to try and make her feel better. It worked too! She started laughing again."

"I kept having to move around! It was so hard to find a good place to nap. Plus I'm wearing this red harness thingie. She said its for practice, because I'm going to wear it to the doctor's tomorrow. Blossom had to practice with her's too. Uncle John is coming over and we're all going to ride in the car together. That ought to be lots of fun!"

"Didn't know how much longer I could keep acting like I was interested in what Mama was doing."

"Then I just couldn't anymore! I NEED my beauty rest!"

"Aunt Rory is so smart! She went into the other room and found a hiding spot to nap in. She never got disturbed there! She told me that wisdom and experience comes with age. And that someday I'll know what to do when things like this "tidying" happen!  What a relief to know that!" 

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