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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Jacob's Sycamore Branch.

Posted this photo on the Gardener of Light blog, but its just too cute not to share here too. And here I can tell what else happened when I brought this branch into Jacob. First of all, he LOVES to chew on these! But, of course, it brings him a lot of unwanted attention from the other animals.

When he saw his nemesis, Ronan the Great White, watching him.... well that got him nervous.

So he went and put HIS branch into Blossom's crate. Guess he figured it would be safe in there.

Then Cormac found it!

And, of course, he set forth to investigate it thoroughly!

Seemed to really enjoy himself. That was one great smelling bunch of leaves!
Well, Jacob was not very happy about all of this. So he proceeded to pull his branch out of the cage. Had to try it several times before he got the right angle to pull it through the door. But he got it!!

Then Blossom decided that SHE wanted it in her crate!

So she pulled a little here and a little there!

And eventually got it in far enough where she was satisfied! What a bunch!
But hey, I certainly had a lot of fun watching it all!!!

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