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Monday, August 6, 2012

I Need An Underground Railroad.

So this is what I walked out my door and found yesterday evening. I went right back in and got more kibble to put out. All I had was cat food, but hey! these dogs weren't the least bit picky. Of course, they're from up the street. I felt so bad that I couldn't spirit them away to safety!! So this evening I sent the first two photos and an email to the Pasco County Commissioners. We'll see what happens. Hopefully something positive for the dogs over there.
This brindle female is beautiful. Very friendly, just "worried" acting. She couldn't believe she had fresh water and plenty of food. Don't think shes ever had that before.  She would make some caring individual a wonderful companion.
Then a smaller dark chocolate colored dog showed up . She must be Jacob's littermate. I've seen her before. The wound on her face was there a month ago, it looks worse now. She was sooo timid.  The brindle did show food aggressive behavior towards her... so I can guess where the facial wound came from. She was so frightened every time I raised the camera to take her photo. So I have none to show how cute she is!

Then this charcoal female showed up too. She looks even skinnier in reality. This one is an angel. So sweet! And craving attention, as well as sustenance.

Its so hard to imagine anyone heartless enough to neglect these beautiful dogs!  Please send out LOTS OF PRAYERS  that they are rescued soon and find loving forever homes!!!

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  1. So the dogs have an owner(s)? Poor things.

    Um, are you aware you have word verification on? A blog owner can not see it. You really don't need it and it's a pain to visitors. Google has a very good spam filter. And there are other ways to handle spam. Very often visitors can't even read wv.