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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Nice Morning!

It was a beautiful morning! Added more blocks to the terracing wall. The chickens really enjoyed themselves!!!! Found LOTS of insects! And a couple of spiders. I'm guessing from their point of view thats an awesome thing!  I NEED a LOT of dirt to fill in!

I'm using some pavers to hold the front! Eventually I'm hoping for a small patio area next to the shed. Gradually things will get finished around here!
Check out http://www.gardeneroflight.blogspot.com/  for a little more of how the morning went.

Can you find the squirrel nest? I haven't told Ronan where its located either. That would just irk him!

Trying to feed the outdoor cats REALLY well! Just in case the storm keeps everyone in hiding for a couple of days. Thats what worries me the most during tropical storms and hurricanes. I keep hoping and praying that the feral, and semi-feral cats like Mama Kitty here are all right. And the birds, and the squirrels, and the 'coons and possums! How do the bats feed themselves during a long spell of nasty weather? Etc..
And no, I don't seem to worry about most of my human neighbors. Of course, I don't enjoy most of them like I do the wildlife! ha ha ha

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