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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lazy August Afternoon.

Everyone was sound asleep yesterday afternoon. A smart thing to do when the temperatures outside are soooo hot. But, I WAS surprised to see this!

I've been noticing that when something scares Jacob, he'll run over and get behind Blossom! Then, of course, his barks are much more brave sounding. But I hadn't seen him sneak in and nap with her.  He really doesn't like it when she gets too far away or, heaven forbid, out of sight!  What a pair!

And Rory's sheer pleasure over a good scratch was too good to not post! 
 Awww, thats feels so good!

No more information on the dogs down the street. Sounds like she got rid of a bunch of them. I hope and pray they're all safe and well cared for.

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