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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Obviously I was Mistaken......

    There has been a new development in the egg laying around here. Its definitely NOT business as usual for my chickens.
    Here is Reuben the Rooster. Or so I thought. Looks kind of like one, doesn't he? Slim built and smallest of the four. Attitude up the wahzoo!! Wasn't laying eggs. Yep, thats a rooster.

   Turns out Reuben laid the egg on the left in this photo. Its the third one that looks like that. So I'm assuming "he" laid all three. I actually saw him lay this one.   All three eggs are noticeably  larger than the others, a different shape and have a strange texture to the shells. 
  So you never know what Life is going to bring your way!!
   As another size comparison, here is Helga/Hank. No eggs from this one either. But notice the big, fat hen shape. Hester is almost as big! Hermoine is on the daintier side... but still bigger than Reuben.
   What a bunch!!!

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