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Friday, January 27, 2012

Blossom is Having a Great Week!

   Blossom has really been enjoying herself this week. Just a quiet time at home. BUT the weather has been warm and clear (until this morning!), the breezes have been blowing, there are LOTS of birds flying around....and best of all... the squirrels are REALLY FRISKY! Few things beat chasing the squirrels along the fence. Or watching them rip-and-race around the tree limbs. It seems to be the equivalent of a doggie amusement park for my three canines. And I swear the squirrels enjoy teasing the dogs too. So its a win-win situation.
   Except for Rory, who got whacked in the eye by Blossom's tail right before I took the photo! Kinda' looks like shes winking at the camera. Yep, lets roll with that. It sounds so much better.

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