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Friday, January 20, 2012

Little Bella..... Looking for a Forever Home.

    Let me introduce Bella. This lovely little gal had to be left behind when her humans moved away. At least they came back to check on her. Thats the first time that ever happened  in the thirty one years I've lived in this neighborhood. Most folks just leave and never look back. They leave all their cats...and quite a few of their dogs. I find that behavior severely reprehensible. But who am I to judge? Some people never grasp the concept of caring about and being responsible for another living soul. Thats their challenge.     I simply offer aid and compassion to some of the creatures left behind. Its one of the things I do here in my little corner of the Universe.
    Anyway, haven't had her to the vet yet. But she is a beautiful cat! Young, friendly and playful. Seems to be the indoor-outdoor type. Quite a little talker!  I'll update on her when I can. If anyone is interested....... let me know!!

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