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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Buggy Wheat and a Thoughtful Neighbor.

   My neighbor Matt is one of those cool guys that does things like grind his own flour for the bread he bakes. And I'll add that he takes the time to try and find the NON-GMO grain. Very cool!  Anyway, the other day I received an email from him stating that he had found bugs in some of his wheat and did I think my "girls" might like it? Would they EVER!!!  So he came over with half a bucket full. They've been in buggly wuggly heaven ever since. "Buggy wheat is good to eat!" chuckle
   Tried to photograph them dining, but they are SO NOSEY. Every time I paused with the camera they came running over. Probably hoping I had more goodies!
   They'll be three years old this Spring. When I got them as pullet chicks I named them Hester, Hermoine, Helga and Rosetta. The first two grew into nice hens. The other two sort of "switched" on me. I now call Rosetta by the name Reuben. He even looks like a little rooster. Darn sure acts like one! Helga is most often referred to as Helga/Hank. Looks like a BIG hen, acts kind of like a rooster, never was much for laying eggs, stopped laying at a year of age. Go figure.... chickens do the weirdest things!   But they're SO GREAT to have around.  I'll expound later on that subject.  
   Oh, by the way, the "girls" are Buff Orpingtons.

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