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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

After the freeze......

   Well, we finally had a freeze that actually damaged the plants around here. This firebush is about six feet high. Even the berries froze..... and thats what has the birds perplexed. I have the same mockingbird that comes every morning to dine at this bush. She sat in the mulberry tree and kept looking at it after she had tried to eat some of the frost burned fruit. Do birds look disappointed? No. But I could feel the sense of loss as one more food source disappears for the season.
   This is why I always encourage people to plant their yards with birds and other wildlife in mind. Every little bit helps. There is sooooo much habitat destruction out there. Every place they can find as a food source helps! Never think your efforts are worthless. If you can't plant where you are, consider a feeder. Just remember to be diligent about filling it. Once the birds know its there they will depend upon your consistency.  Their health and survival depend on being able to have a source of food. Think for a moment about how you would feel if your food sources were dwindling dramatically. A little despair maybe, followed by a sense of urgency.  Birds don't do the despair trip. They just pour all their energy into finding food.  Lets help them!   
   And remember, those angels that like to hang out near the birdfeeders are watching you too. And they know an act of kindness when they see it!

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