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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Neglect IS Abuse!

Heard  something out on my porch the other night. When I went to check, this is what I found. Poor thing was hunting around for any little crumb of cat food that was left out there. I just had to bring him in and give him a little more food. Thats when I saw how bad off he was.

A residence up the road that call themselves a dog rescue has a yard full of dogs like this. Some had gotten out late that afternoon and this little guy must have been separated somehow. Probably in his search for food. Lucky him!

After seeing his physical condition I knew there was no way in Heaven or Hell that he was going back there. 
He was covered in the biggest fleas I've ever seen!!! And I mean covered! It looked like his fur was moving. I got him into the bathtub and washed him three times with flea shampoo. They were still crawling all over him. I fed him a little handful of dry dog food every 30 minutes or so. Even a few treats. He was dehydrated and seemed anemic. No wonder, with all those fleas and God only knows what kind of worm infestations!!!

His first bowel movement was nothing but dirt and debris, There was no fecal matter that I could see or smell. He had been eating dirt to stay alive!!!
There is NO EXCUSE for letting a dog get into this horrible condition. The suffering that he has had to go through in his young life at the hands of people who didn't, or couldn't, care... and yet here he was, tail wagging and eyes gazing up at me filled with trust and love. This is why I believe what they say, that Dogs are the earthly embodiment of Unconditional Love.

Just look at this face!!!
Update: Went to see him today. He looks SO MUCH BETTER!!! Hes been given fluids for rehydration and what a difference that has made. His skin and fur feel different all ready!! As expected he was filled with worms and has been given the appropriate medications. Will need to talk to the vet and get all the details, but what matters is that he is safe and on the way to recovery!
I have named him JACOB.
Please say a little prayer for him, and also for the ones that weren't so lucky.
Not only here in my neighborhood, but all over the world.

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