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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lesson #1: Don't Mess With Ronan.

Here is Jacob seeking reassurance after getting smacked REALLY HARD by Ronan! (See lower left hand corner of photo) Two hits in quick succession, you could hear them through the whole trailer. That is one strong cat! Blossom came to check up on him. Probably because he yelped and screamed so loudly. Its a good lesson for the young boy. You DO NOT mess excessively with Ronan! He is patient up to a point.... after that, all bets are off!

Stay away from the Great White Cat!

 Obviously pleased with himself for getting his point across so thoroughly, Ronan proceeded into the kitchen to groom any ruffled fur. 

I'm wondering if the smudge down the center of his face had anything to do with the disagreement? Since he doesn't look like hes in any mood to discuss it.... I'll just leave him alone for now.

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