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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Comment On The Death Of Lennox.

      Brave Dave O'Malley here. I'm joined today by my sister Enya. Together we wish to comment on the heinous event that came to pass in Belfast, Northern Ireland on the 11th of July. For two years a dark wicked shadow hovered over that city, now it has finally settled there. Casting a grim deadly presence over the land. Tainting the whole of once fair Erin.
      Prejudice, Fear and Hatred combined forces with human Pettiness and Ego, in order to win a small, yet horrific battle. But the war rages on. And this act of evil will only strengthen those warriors that fight for all that is Good and Just. 
      We are entering into a New era of Existence here on Mother Earth. This is the Age of Compassion. The humans we know who follow the Christian faith call it the Coming of the Christ Consciousness. Whatever your name for it may be, know that it is all the same. A world filled with Love, Understanding and Acceptance. With Respect for All.
      Fear and Prejudice may have had their day in Belfast, but Shame and Disgrace will fall upon the wicked. Everyone must answer for their actions, and theirs will be a harsh reckoning. Most importantly, the hearts of the warriors of this New era have been ignited! And Good will be Triumphant.
      As for brave, innocent Lennox.... his death enabled the Light of Compassion to shine even Brighter.... and to encompass the planet. Showing everyone that this sort of horror MUST NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!
     Rest in Peace Lennox.

Blossom saying "Thank you"


  1. Hi we just want to say that we are sad and disgusted over here in Brazil and will never be visiting Northern Ireland. RIP Lennox. Emmy will be there to greet you.

    1. And we are just as sad and disgusted here in America. Rest in peace, sweet Lennox; Belfast will never see a dime of my money.