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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Ronan's Window: Grey Squirrel

I've been trying to get a photo of the male Redwinged Blackbird for Mama, but when I went to look the other day none of the birds were there! Then I noticed this young fellow, calmly eating sunflower seeds that he had purloined from the feeders. I guess he'll have to do for now.

He certainly is an active little creature! I remember Mama saying that her Granny loved to eat these. He seems awfully small, but they were her favorite type of meat! Mmm, I wonder if I could bribe the dogs into catching one so we could have a taste? But then again, maybe not. Mama seems to think they're CUTE. She gets irrationally attached to things that she considers CUTE. Must be one of those "human things".

Oops, I wonder if they're telepathic? Something just got his attention! I can definitely admire how alert this species is. No wonder they're considered to be so important in warning the other animals when danger is near.
Well, I'll just  have to keep an eye on this little seed-thief in the future.
In closing, I'll wish everyone a very happy Solstice.

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