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Monday, June 25, 2012

Maynard Is NOT HAPPY!!!

Maynard decided to tough it out on the porch during the first full day of Tropical Storm Debby. He was not a happy cat! So I took some photos to show you why he was soooooo displeased...

The small rushing river underneath the front steps was enough.

More water! And it got a lot deeper after I took the photos.

Under the clothesline... where the cats like to hang out if its not too hot.

The rain gutters couldn't handle the amount of water. So they were leaking.

Yep, they were leaking everywhere!

The chickens were safely in the shed, but I've since found out that it has quite a few leaks! So, not only does it need a good scrubbing, but I have to get up there and do an awful lot of patching too. Oh well, at least I found out now!

And it rained and rained. Maynard finally gave in and let me bring him inside! We were under tornado warnings for quite a while last night, and have pretty much stayed on tornado watch. (Thats pretty typical for this weather.) We have relatively clear skies this morning, but there are storm bands coming our way... with more RAIN!  TS Debby is just sitting out there in the Gulf of Mexico in one spot.  Lazy thang!  Well, I said we needed rain! ha ha ha
Will post a few more photos later. Check out the Gardener of Light blog to see the corner lot... uhmmm, I mean the "lake". Can't stock it with fish because the water won't stay, but thats a concept for future consideration!

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