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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Habit And Mindless Actions.

So much for my stalled terracing project in the back yard! But that wasn't what I was thinking as I took these photos from the little bathroom window. Thats when it hit me... what the heck was I thinking about the other day?

Its just a mindless action due to repetition and habit. I set all the buckets out on purpose hoping to catch some rain so I could water the plants for the next couple of days!!!! That was on Saturday.... this is Tuesday. And the squall lines are coming through and STILL bringing us RAIN!!! 

Luckily the water is receding really well in the yard and my corner lot. A lot of places around here aren't as lucky. Theres LOTS of serious flooding.

Of course, Ahulee is happy to finally have some dry ground. He just isn't going to leave it that way!  WHAT A RELIEF!

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