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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Breaking News.

   Greetings once again. Brave Dave O'Malley speaking. I am pleased to announce that Emmy the German Shepherd has chosen young Joey the pup as her replacement blogger for Dogs in Brazil!
    From her current vantage point on the Rainbow Bridge she is expertly guiding and encouraging him in his new assignment. He has big pawprints to fill.... but I am certain that with his youthful vigor, boundless enthusiasm and captivating charm and wit, he will be a fine addition to the global blogging community.
    With Emmy as his mentor, there is no doubt in my grand feline mind that his talents will be crafted and honed into a precision instrument capable of communicating information and transmitting Goodwill on a world wide scale. I see grand things in this young dog's future!
    So, to Joey, puppy blogger of Dogs in Brazil, on behalf of all of us here at Critters Galore and Gardener of Light...  I wish to extend a sincere and joyous WELCOME. May all the endeavors in your path through Life be blessed with Love and an Abundance of all good things.
    I'm also certain that you will make Emmy very, very proud indeed!

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