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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Things Are Moving Right Along.

Well, things are moving right along in the garden! The tomatoes are starting to ripen good. The cucumbers have about had it all ready. Both types of squash have been overcome by borers and mildew (that makes me sad!). Eggplants are doing ok, think they're a bit stunted in the containers though. So next season they go back in the ground. As will the peppers.... I'm NOT happy with their production. All the herbs are doing well too. Considering I only planned to plant four tomato plants in pots, I guess all went well enough! Between the lack of rain and unseasonable HEAT, its been a good experiment.

Ahulee has gotten a good laugh out of folks trying to blame the chickens for his mischief! Boy, he can sure look innocent!

And Blossom is trying to figure out how we're going to get this mess straightened up before the Summer heat hits us any harder!
Shes such a conscientious young dog! I couldn't ask for a nicer friend.

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