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Monday, May 21, 2012

Heres The Outdoor Crew!

This is Mr. Maynard B. Mouth. Grouchy, grumpy and growls a lot. Talks quite a bit, but seems like most of the time hes swearing under his breath. What an attitude. I just adore him!!! I bring him in at night to keep him from fighting with EVERYTHING. So he has his own crate in my living room. He just loves to sleep late in there.

This is Wilburr. Kind of jumpy and nervous..... but what a lover!!! Just wants to be held in my arms and spoken to. Even likes it when I sing to him. ha ha His crate is next to Maynard's. I'm sure he likes being safe and secure at night.

And here is Agatha. She has been coming and going for about six or seven years now. Seems to have settled in this time. High strung and has a very loud voice for a small cat! But she loves human companionship. She has a crate in the studio for nights so she feels safe.

And beautiful Bella is still with us. Very confident with a lady-like air about her. Until another cat irritates her.... then WATCH OUT! This girl can throw down a whuppin'! But she regains her composure quickly.

This is Mama Kitty. As near as I can figure she is approximately seventeen years old! Absurdly independent. I'll actually say semi-feral. Her health has been failing the last year or so. She has had a rough life, no doubt about it. But in her day, she was the best ratter I've ever seen!!! And her hey-day continued for a good eleven years. What a cat!!

This is Buckshot Charlie the Broom Cat. Hes not the most photogenic guy, but his life story would make for a good childrens book. It would be a little sad at the beginning though. Hes also getting up there in years. If I remember correctly, hes thirteen now. Maybe fourteen! Time passes so quickly. Anyway, he LOVES when you sweep him with the broom. Or even gently with a leaf rake! Take a brush outside and he is your best friend!! For as long as your arm will hold out.... he never tires of it! He has the most patient and gentle personality.

And this is Sibyl. I love posting pictures of her! Those eyes get me every time. Her and Maynard always argue and spat, but they usually seem to be in close proximity to each other. So I'm thinking its one of those "love-hate" relationships.
Didn't get a picture of Trashbag Travis or Cowardly Cletus or any of the night time bunch that comes around. The large grey tabby thats all torn up I've decided to call him "Mangle". Suits him. Still can't get near him! But hes able to walk a little better now. Saw him up on the next street the other morning. So he can cover territory if he wants. I just want to get him checked and fixed. Oh well, all in due time.

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