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Friday, May 4, 2012

Are They Hatching A Plot?

Oh my, I've had a couple of unidentified sources that are suggesting the chickens have framed Ahulee! Other folks have also expressed similar opinions in regard to the damage to my coneflowers. I find it hard to believe my "girls" would scratch so low! And besides, what would be their motive? Sure he likes to sneak into the pen and munch down some of their cracked corn. But thats hardly a reason to turn on him. I have to admit in the photo above they are quite nefarious looking! But surely they wouldn't hatch a plot to discredit him. The ladies are more honorable than that.

Ahulee is such a good egg!  But I'm still blaming him for the "burnt" looking flowers. Not that I could be angry at a  face like this!

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