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Saturday, May 26, 2012

HURRY!! Time Is Running Out!

   Well, Mom has been so busy with lots of things. Including contacting all the folks she knows ...... and getting them to vote for our dog buddies down in Brazil. So she let me post this reminder to everyone.   Please go to the address that follows...
   and VOTE. They will ask for an email verification. (Rory taught me that word) And those goofy spelling things at the end before they approve you can be kinda difficult. Mom did it three times before it went through. sheesh! Then share with everyone you know. Time is running out! We only have till May 31st!!  And Rory also said the sun rises earlier in Australia. Which is where the voting takes place. Hmmm, I wonder if shes right? I know the sun rises earlier in the Summer, it also sets later. Oh well, she tells me that when I get older I'll understand more. Maybe then the cats will stop making snide remarks behind my back! Yeah, when I get all grown up! Just you wait and see how smart I am!!!
   So PLEASE VOTE!!!!   Then go check out their blogspot. Joey is really really cute! (Don't tell the cats I said that!)   Bye for now. Love, Blossom

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