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Thursday, April 12, 2012

We Are "Stumped". Literally.

Well, in preparation to terrace the backyard we have been digging out where the dirt has washed down near the shed. Its filled in a lot after all these years.  Looked like it would be a cute area to put in a tiny patio! Then we found the TREE STUMP. I remember some small oak trees back there. But I thought there had only been one in this spot. Obviously I'm wrong about something!!
Anyway, the wood hasn't exactly decayed. Maybe a little around the edges. And thats it! Sheesh   So its turning into a huge project for this middle aged gal with a bad back and the three dogs. I must praise them for their efforts though! They certainly WANT to help, and have dug enthusiastically at times. Usual not the best times. ha ha  But we have had some good giggles!!

"MOM! I'm twelve and a half! Add that up in dog years. I'm too darned OLD to be doing this kind of hard work. Make Blossom do more digging!!"

"MOM! Make Ahulee help too! He says hes the supervisor! And he ISN'T SUPPOSED to do any digging! THATS NOT FAIR!"

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