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Monday, April 9, 2012

More Eggs. I Mean.... Eggplants!

Well, these are the "eggs" I'm keeping an eye on now. All these blooms occurred in one small space so I know I'll have to thin them out as they grow.

Also had to move the one row of plants over to the east side. The sun was just too hot on the west. Did plant a few flowers over there that the bees like.

And I started building a "wall" so I can keep raising the soil level. Don't laugh at it! I admit I don't know what I'm doing! ha ha   Plus its all from scavenged materials.  Eventually it'll look like something. I'm just not sure what!
Yes, thats agapanthus over there. I just love those. Will include a photo of the blossoms soon. Another reason for the rush on this part of the yard is that I need to try and aid one of my pear trees. I plan on digging it up and seeing what condition the roots are in. The branches are simply dying back and its failing to thrive overall. Hope its not the same thing that killed my peach tree..... those cursed nematodes. I guess I'll have to remove a lot of soil and replace with compost rich bagged "dirt" in an attempt to foil them.

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