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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Frustration!!!!!

   Well, Cormac is frustrated because I won't let him out to chase lizards and just get into trouble in general. I'm frustrated because they have changed the blog all around and I can't seem to post what I want. Just "lost" a couple of photos somehow. Aggravating!!!!!   I never can understand why anyone takes something that is simple and works fine, and then messes it up. I just don't understand! Arrrgggghhh!!  So if things slow down on Critters Galore and Gardener of Light.... thats the reason. I either need to learn to work around the mess thats been made, or find somewhere else to blog from.  We'll see what happens. Please be patient and stick around.  Heck! I haven't even begun to start the whole bee thing.

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