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Greetings and Welcome to http://www.crittersgaloreandsomuchmore.blogspot.com/ and also http://www.gardeneroflight.blogspot.com/ From these spaces I want to share my love of animals and Nature and Life in general. So here you will find stories, information, reminiscences, an occasional bit of advice and a recipe or two. Please check them both out!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


  Oh my! I can hardly believe I didn't tell everyone. I'm SO embarrassed! I need to find a way to put in up on the page somehow. Anyway, I have two blogs going. This one was supposed to be animals and Nature and recipes, etc.. The other was going to be musings and artwork and things along those lines. But I've been jumping between the two. That has confused some folks. So the other blog is http://gardeneroflight.blogspot.com/  
  I'll get them all straightened out. Hopefully soon! ha ha ha

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