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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Thank Goodness Thats Done With!

An all ready good morning just got better. I just got that stump out of the ground! Yippee!!!!!  All my work digging around with the hand trowel paid off. I'd gotten every root but the largest one that went straight down. I kept hoping it had rotted somewhere not far from where I had to stop yesterday evening. This morning I managed to get a 2x4 underneath the main section. With a concrete block in place, I used it as a lever to push up on the stump. After a couple of tries the root broke apart! One more time... Yippee!!!! 
Now after digging all that sand out, I have to put it right back in!
Kind of sculptural looking isn't it? I'm thinking about cleaning it up and using it for yard "art".  And don't let me forget: Special thanks to Rory, Blossom and Ahulee for all the work they did. Yep, even the supervising effort.

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