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Friday, March 9, 2012

Taming The Front Yard!

    Well, its time to reclaim the front yard from a few years of neglect. My first efforts have involved clearing out a spot for some grapes. There are LOTS of weeds and sycamore leaves to bag up and cart away. My tiny start-up compost area isn't able to handle this stuff.... so off it goes!  And since my little piece of land is on a slope I get to shovel lots of dirt in an attempt to level out the ground a bit. Had to do the same thing in the backyard!
    The result so far is that I have four new Muscadine vines planted.  Two Tara and two Carlos.  That was the easy part........ the posts HAVE to go in SOON!
   And yes, thats Bella you see in the background. She hasn't gotten a forever home yet. But she is still waiting patiently.

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