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Monday, March 5, 2012

Garden Move And Expansion.

   Well, here is the repositioning of the container garden. Found an old shelving unit that I took apart and am using as "tables". Makes it easier on my back! And that is a great thing! Hoping I cut enough drainage holes in the  3 1/2 gallon plastic buckets. Won't know for sure until we have some really good rains. I'm really hoping that this experiment goes well. I'm really starting to enjoy myself with it.   Used some bamboo to tie the plants to when the forecast was for heavy winds. Glad I did!  Now I'm considering making trellis out of it too.
    Also looking at plants to attract bees. If I plan on growing food, then I need as many pollinators as I can get! Went to a monthly meeting of some local bee keepers and enthusiasts. NOW I'm REALLY interested in having my own hives!! I've wanted to try my hand at that since I was a teenager.  Looks like the time may have arrived.  Remember... Life is a learning experience....and an adventure, if you make it that way.

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  1. that is really cool. gave me motivation to get one started.