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Monday, March 19, 2012

In Memory Of Matt.

    My friend and neighbor Matt passed away this last wednesday. He had a lot of  serious health issues going on, but he kept going. Always up to something! He was back to grinding flour and making bread.... even bought a brand new mixer. In his words it was " a REAL POWERHOUSE". That just pleased him immensely! The folks that moved in next to him had chickens, so he had made friends with that flock of gals also. And always looking things up on the computer.... he kept his brain active! Thats a key component in not getting "old".
    Matt was going to help me get into beekeeping. Now I won't be able to run across the street for advice! Yikes!  Oh well, I'm going to learn on my own then. I know he'll be watching from the other side...... encouraging and helping me along with this endeavor. And shaking his head when I mess up! ha ha ha
    Remember, friends never really leave you. And your heart isn't the only place they live on in. They're right there, at arms length. Helping you always.

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