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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Another Visit From "The Girls".

Look who came to visit two days ago! They may have put on a pound or so, but its NOT ENOUGH! I did get to talk with the neighbor. She said she was trying to get rid of these three. I called all around trying to rally together some help and places to stay, but no luck! So they're still over there across the street.

 I refilled the bowls three times. The brindle wouldn't pause while she ate. Trying to get as much as possible.I was heartened to see the little one getting some food. The other two were always scaring her off before. Turns out that shes Jacob's sister. They call her Creature. No name for a dog if you want my opinion!  Shes extremely timid, but such a sweetie.

There has to be a way to find these girls a good home.

As I said, looks like they've put on a tiny bit of weight. And wow, do they ever smell bad! I just want to gather them up and get them some medical attention!
Will just have to wait and see what the future holds. I'm hoping for the best!!

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