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Thursday, September 27, 2012

In Memory of Mama Kitty.

   It seems like the end of an era around here. Late yesterday I took Mama Kitty on that last ride to the vet. Her health has been getting worse over the last year, and this week she just seemed to give up. I kept encouraging her to eat, but that got more difficult to do with every passing day. When she started having a lot of trouble walking, I figured that was enough. Let her pass with dignity and as little pain as possible. She didn't deserve to suffer any more.
   She had a long and, at times, illustrious life here in the neighborhood. I know she had to be at least 18 years old. Thats a LONG life for a semi-feral. She arrived with a couple in one of the rental properties, and they left her behind when they moved away after less than two years. She had four litters in that time span! Her last pregnancy is when she moved in on me. I opened my door one day and in she strolled. Hissed at my cats, then proceeded to walk into my daughter's room and check out the closet. She did that three days in a row. On the third day I told her she could stay. Three and a half weeks later, with me as the midwife, she had four more kittens. And after they were weaned, I got her spayed. Enough is enough! After all of that, she showed absolutely NO interest in living inside. She'd howl and scream like a banshee if I tried to keep her in. Needless to say, I relented, and she went back to being an outdoor cat!

   Which proved to be a great thing. Because Mama Kitty was the best ratter I have ever seen!!! If it was a rodent, it didn't stand a chance in Hell once she set her sights on it! Occasionally she take down a squirrel or a big snake.... guess thats where her boy Angus got his snake killing abilities from.... but rats were her speciality! She truly excelled at hunting them!  And I guess because of my kindness to her, she considered me to be of value or a part of her family even. Either way, she would always bring me "tokens of her affection".   Some were even still alive! When I'd go to the door to see what the commotion was, she'd step right up... open her mouth... and my "gift" would fall out and run (or slither) across my floor. Always INTO my home! NEVER back towards the cat. Perhaps she wanted to let me share in the joy of the hunt. Or the fresher, the better! I'll never know, but I have to say, life was an adventure with Mama Kitty around.
   In her prime, she was bringing me little things like that almost every day. I was mighty glad when she started to slow down a bit! But that didn't happen until she was around eleven or twelve. So there were still plenty of days, and nights, when I'd step out my door and "squish" some bloody offering under my foot. And yes, I usually went barefoot!
   She began to slow down a little more with each year that passed. She withdrew from the other cats too. And they, in turn, took to tormenting her when she came over to my yard. I always tried to protect her. It seems like she only got along good with her children and a Siamese by the name of Yow Ling. He LOVED everyone!!! He would sit near her and gradually edge on over till they were just about touching. She never seemed to mind him.   Thats what made her burial such a special thing. I had figured on a place under the mulberry tree in the front yard because she liked to lay under there in the shade. But when I brought her body home I got a "push" to use a pendulum to choose the proper spot. It took me over to the old cat burial area. I was a little surprised because I haven't placed anyone there in years. After a couple of passes, a spot was settled upon. And as I dug I realized, she would rest right in between Angus and Yow Ling. Just like she would have wanted it in Life.
   Rest in Peace, Mama Kitty. And I hope there a few rats in Heaven for you to chase!!

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  1. So sorry to hear she passed over but it sounds like she had a happy and full life. Strange the pendulum led you to exactly the spot she would have wished. RIP Mama Cat