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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Blossom To The Rescue!

Well, it finally happened. Jacob 'took me out' the other morning! He was doing his normal Zoom Zoom Goober stuff... racing like a lunatic up and down the dog yard. Then he ran by and clipped me. REALLY HARD!
Now let me tell you, the human knee is not constructed to bend sideways like mine did. And the force of the blow knocked me completely off my feet. After that moment of disorientation you usually have when something like this happens... I was seriously worried that my knee had been broken! As I laid there on my side I kept trying to remember my Reiki training! All the while small waves of nausea kept washing over me, on top of the pain!  Very unpleasant to say the least.

After a bit I realized that Blossom had come over and positioned herself in between me and the other dogs. Jacob was sunk down on the sand. He knew something was wrong! Plus Blossom wasn't about to let him come any closer.
She stayed right there. First watching me, then looking over to check on Jacob and Ahulee. When I started trying to sit up, she moved back just enough to give me room to reposition myself. When I was finally vertical again, she moved back in. And after a minute or so, moved over a little bit closer. The whole time she was in high alert mode! All this with NO training!
She stayed right with me as I managed to stand up. And got in front of me as I headed towards the door. She wasn't about to let the other dogs get anywhere  near me. Not sure of all that was going through her mind at that time. But she has certainly proven herself to be a fine guardian!  I'm extremely impressed!!

So I've decided her new name is
 I all ready knew that she was a shining example of love and loyalty. But her actions the other morning show that she possesses a level of maturity I was unaware she had achieved. And I wanted to share with everyone that I'm so thankful and proud that she is part of my life!


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