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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

This is Coco Kitteh.

   How could I almost forget to post a photo of the latest addition! I wrote about the arrival of Coco over on my other blog. http://gardeneroflight.blogspot.com/2013/08/got-surprise-this-morning.html
   That explains the circumstances surrounding her rescue plus in little rant on being compassionate. For some odd reason I'm always shocked (and angered) by the callousness and cruelty that some people demonstrate towards animals, especially the really young and/or weak ones. I just want to believe better of the human species. Then along comes a little one like this that has been dumped to fend for herself and I'm back to thinking VERY POORLY of my fellow human beings!  Oh well, whats happened has happened.... it can't be changed. Only the future can be made better by our choices. So it is with Coco. Her future looks very bright indeed.
    Her stats are simple: She is approximately 4 to 5 weeks of age and weighs in at 1 pound! She had a few fleas and some tapeworms. Has been medicated for both. Recheck on the worms in 4 weeks. Has a good appetite. Is active and inquisitive. And LOVES to play and snuggle.
   My first response to something like this is to educate people. Now, folks should know NOT to dump kittens! Or any animal for that matter. But there is a lot of prejudice about black cats... and dogs. My thought was that Coco might be able to get some information about this subject out to folks. I mean, she is a cute little kitten!! People like looking at "adorable"! haha    So, she now has her own Facebook page.   (Yes, Blossom is really put out about that!!! If you check Her FB page you will be able to read that for yourself. Shes been nice... so  far.)  So here is Coco's page:

And so I don't get any static from Blossom... here is her page:

So please feel free to go over and give them some likes and enjoy the photos. We are going to be posting more information as the holidays approach!

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