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Friday, August 30, 2013

Still Here!!!!

    Someone asked about the blogs the other day. I explained I was still fighting with the computer, trying to figure out how to edit, crop and such. Obviously I'm not having much luck!!!! But I decided to go out this evening and try to get a few shots of the dogs. Ahulee wouldn't cooperate..... think he is still miffed about Uncle John not being around to give him his treats over the fence! Oh well! He can grumble if he wants to. Everyone else posed nicely for me. So here is Rory behaving like the lovely old lady that she is.

   Heck, I even got Blossom to 'smile' for the camera. That was a shock! hahaha (a little photo bombing going on here)

   And of course, everyone's favorite goofball ~ Jacob!  Always a happy guy!
   We all hope that everyone has a great weekend! Have fun and be safe!

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