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Monday, August 5, 2013

Good Grazing the Last Few Days.

   Just a joyful note.... I FINALLY got some figs! And I got to eat them all myself! hahaha  I swear it takes so little to make me happy.  But seriously, between the rain (too much makes the figs drop off), the wild birds and my chickens... I was lucky as could be the other day!!! Got twelve nice, big ripe figs! You would have thought I was in heaven. There were even a few that the birds had pecked at, so the girls got them. Hey, we were ALL HAPPY!   Very few things are as fantastic as truly ripe fruit right off the plant they grew on. Those figs were magnificent! And yesterday evening I had some scuppernongs. Have lost a lot of those to the rain. But these were outrageously sweet! Whatever you do, don't pick those until they are completely RIPE. I got a couple that weren't and I thought my tongue would curl. The hens enjoyed them though!!!!  Wonder what I look like to other people as I "graze" through the yard with four chickens following me?
    Oh, and don't forget the cats. Theres always a few that come along for the excursion.

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