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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Damnit! Just DAMN IT!!!

   Well, I've been kind of busy lately... so took a little break. Then today hit me like a tornado.
   Can't post a photo because the 'puter keeps telling me theres no room. Sure wish I understood these things better. 
   Anyway, that saga of the trailer where all the dogs were just keeps getting weirder. The woman moved out about two or three weeks ago. Comes back occasionally and packs a little more, or just stays a few minutes. No big deal right? Probably still paying rent till she figures out where to put all that "stuff" she has all over the place. But I've been hearing the chickens! And I got to worrying if they were being fed or not. No one lives there anymore. Hardly ever see anyone come by, much less feed the hens.  And as you know, I've got a soft spot in my heart for those feathered cuties! ha ha ha   After not seeing anyone for about three days now, I called Animal Services and asked if someone could check on them. I was referred to the Pasco County Sheriff's office. Seems they have an agricultural department. Really? chuckle    Later on a deputy arrived and came to address my concerns. He thought the hens looked ok. But then he said that there were dogs inside the trailer... in crates. He saw five heads looking out at him. Couldn't see their bodies to see if they were healthy looking or not.  I just wanted to SCREAM!!!! I haven't heard or seen a dog outside of that place in two weeks or more.  My friend John and I have been hearing dogs barking, but we couldn't figure out WHERE they were! Now we know. 
   How can anyone be that cruel? Imagine my surprise when I saw her car parked there later in the afternoon. Only for about ten or twelve minutes, mind you! Thats not nearly enough time to feed, water, exercise and clean the cages of five dogs. Plus the chickens! 
   DAMN IT! Dogs need to be loved and cared for. They need to be able to run around and play outside! They need interaction with the humans they love and depend on. What is going on over there? Obviously neglect and cruelty. And the authorities responsible for stopping that abuse haven't done their job. The deputy that came today didn't have the right to just break the locks and remove the dogs. I think he would have if he could!   No. Pasco County Animal Services should have taken the dogs away from that horrible situation months ago. In the very least, they should have kept a close eye on the situation. A VERY CLOSE one! But no. They seem to have that "they're JUST dogs" attitude.
    Folks in the neighborhood have their suspicions. Its pretty clear a hoarder lived there. You should see the place!   Then theres the ones who are betting that she provides the dogs to fight rings. And thats why they aren't fixed. More puppies!   We just had that arrest in Hillsborough county where the dogfighters were bragging they had been doing it for over twenty years. And joking about how there were dog bones everywhere on the property. Sick! Demented, Evil and Sick! Those so-called humans have twisted souls. No decent person could treat another living being like that. 
   So.... what to do? I'd love to alert every news reporter in our section of Florida! But would it do any good? Most of the dogs over there were pitties and pit mixes. The news media seems to only want to say bad things about them. They're a WONDERFUL BREED!  More to the point, they're WONDERFUL DOGS! And all the ones that came to my home in search of food were as sweet as could be. Scared! But sweet. And craving attention on top of the food. Remember, Jacob escaped from the awful place!
    John contacted me and said he had called Animal Services. So they're alerted to the fact that there are dogs locked up inside that place. Hopefully they'll actually do something this time. But my hopes aren't very high. He asked to talk to the director, but was told he had left early today. I've heard that one a couple of times myself!! sarcastic chuckle    Perhaps this time things will go differently. Perhaps this time they'll actually put the health and well being of the dogs first and foremost. I can only pray at this point.  And spread the word that this is happening!!!

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