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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Cats Keep Getting Into Trouble!

   Well, it seems I still have that issue of the computer not letting me post photos. I know I don't understand these machines very well....... ok, not well at all!! But that doesn't make any sense to me.
    Anyway, its been a little tough around here lately, but the last week has been heck on the outdoor cats! Poor Cleatus! He showed up the other day wearing a new fashion accessory. Somehow he had managed to get a piece of accordian pleated tubing stuck around his neck! Don't know what he was after when he stuck his head in there..... but it got away and he wound up wearing that piece of plastic like a scarlet letter!!!
    The biggest problem with that is Cleatus is not a very touchy, feely kind of tomcat! Not the least bit happy with me trying to hold him. And hes a pretty large cat!!!  After a lot of hissing and some really TENSE moments, I came up with a better plan. One that I felt would keep me reasonably safe! So with scissors in one hand and a bag of Temptations treats in the other, I proceeded to distract him with said treats. I'd quickly snip a little on the "necklace". He'd quickly jump back and hiss and growl at me! We repeated this procedure till most of the treats were gone and I had managed to cut completely through the plastic. Then I tried to pull it off of his neck....... then I immediately went back to offering him the rest of the treats!!!! Finally got a good hold on it and held on as he jumped and twisted away!  Patience pays off again. No blood was shed!!
    Then this last Saturday morning as I was out at the clothesline, Buckshot Charlie came up to be petted. He'd been hanging back for a few days, so I was happy to see him back to his old friendly self...... until I ran my hand down the back of his head and neck and my fingers slipped INSIDE the hole in the side of his neck! Yeah, I was a little shocked by that turn of events. Luckily my vet is open on Saturday mornings. Getting Buckshot into the carrier didn't go very smoothly, but I finally managed! He HATES being closed up in any kind of cage!!! And lets you know it too. This from one of the friendliest and laidback cats we've ever had around here. Oh my!  
    The vet said it looked pretty good considering. It was a bite wound that had festered (that explains the withdrawn behavior) and burst. Its a pretty big hole, but since he had all ready eaten that morning they couldn't give him any anesthesia in order to sew it up. So, they cleaned the site up, gave him a shot, wrote me a script for antibiotics, told me to clean it several times a day and apply Neosporin. Watch to see if it heals on its own.   So now I'm worrying myself silly about this old cat who loves to lay in the dirt!! ha ha ha  And of course, hes rubbing his neck on everything!      WHY do they DO that?  Oh goodness... all this and Yule is on its way!!!  At least I have a big treat for all the dogs. Wrapped and ready.    My hope is that everyone stays safe and sound from here on out.

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