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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Rest In Peace Little Bit.

   It wasn't until I saw this photo from Friday that I felt like I could post the bad news about Little Bit. She passed away October 20th. Never got strong enough for surgery. It was during the necropsy that they found the bite wound had perforated the bowel. This formed adhesions that created an obstruction. One more thing for the little girl to battle against. She was just so weak when she came to us!  But at least she spent her last days safe, loved and cared for. Medication kept pain at bay. And she was able to slip away to the Rainbow Bridge.     Hence this photo.... you can see the silhouette of a single bird flying across the sunset. I believe it was one of the local hawks.
    Her short stay with us was a blessing. She helped to open hearts and broadened capacities to feel empathy and compassion for little ones like herself. When you find an animal in need, don't turn away. Try your best to help. No matter what the end result is..... that creature will know that they are Cared for. That Kindness and Love is wrapped around them like a soft, comforting blanket. Their Spirit will be strengthened and uplifted..... and so will yours.

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