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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Little Bit the Kitten.

   Well Rory is such a beautiful old gal, I couldn't resist posting this photo! Plus she always helped me foster kittens..... so its definitely appropriate to have her "commenting" about yesterday.
    John called after I got home from work and told me there was a small cat dying in their yard. Of course, I went over there to check it out. And after a few calls took the little thing to Dr. McCashion. It was so emaciated! And stunk like rotting tissue. Yep, really bad! There is an abcessed bite wound on its abdomen, and that had burst. Covering a good part of the cat in putrid fluids. There were flies all around it. Poor little thing!
    At the vet's office we found out its a GIRL! Approximately 5 1/2 months old. Only weighing in at 2 pounds.... thats way too little! Tests came back negative. And now we just wait and see.   She survived the night. Thats a good start. And when I went in this morning with Enya, they were working on her. So I wasn't able to get a photo to show everyone. She is a grey and black tabby. Really very cute. Something about her reminds me of Mama Kitty. Hmm, one leaves....  another comes. You have to wonder how the Universe works sometimes. But then again, its better to just Trust and Flow along with it!
    So, Prayers and Good Healing Energy for Little Bit please!   Maybe she is a Little Bit of Heaven come to stay awhile.

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