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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Meet Alma and family

   Meet Alma! She is one of the semi-grown kittens that showed up here and I placed in crates so they wouldn't get impregnated! Obviously Alma had beat me to that. sheesh! Immediately after that I was sick for several weeks and then my mother passed away.... so its been a very busy and emotionally trying time.
    During that time the two cats got settled in on the porch and Alma started growing quite large! (The last thing we need around here are more cats.) She looks pretty miserable in this photo... but you would be too if you were hugely pregnant and living in a crate!
    Then on Sunday afternoon, that all began to change........

   I noticed her breathing hard and moving around with a confused look on her face. Then the first kitten arrived..... black with white facial markings. Then two tabbys! I call them the twins because they were so close together.

   CUTE, huh?! Then came a black one. That's #FOUR!!!  Then another black one! Oh my God, we're up to FIVE!

    Look at these markings. It looks like a funny looking chipmunk! Then almost an hour later.... she gives birth to #SIX!!! Another tabby! This one is a different shade from the twins. Alma was SOOOOOOOO TIRED! And bewildered! But she has wonderful maternal instincts, so I'm hoping everything works out for this lovely little family. Now I need to find homes for everyone when they get weaned. And a very special home for Mama Alma. She is the sweetest girl and so deserving of a wonderful forever family.

    What a picture! Look at the size of it's head. Oh my!!!

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