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Sunday, May 28, 2017

First Egg!

   Good thing I put those "nest boxes" in the coop yesterday!!! I was inside cleaning this afternoon and both dogs started barking... Blossom even came and sat next to me looking slightly scared.   When I  walked into the living room I could hear the hens making a God awful racket! Wow! This new batch of girls is LOUD!!! When I went out to check on everyone I immediately found the reason for all the noise. It was a CELEBRATION! hahahaha
   Now I got the Leghorns a week earlier than the Delawares, so they should be the first to lay. And they are right on schedule! The first egg is white and therefore from a Leghorn.     So much for giving them to someone before they got started laying. sheesh    ( I have too many hens for my living conditions!!)

   Archimedes found this pullet egg to be absolutely irresistible! I can only imagine how it smells to a cat! HAHAHA
    *And I think its really cool that the first egg arrived on what would have been my mother's 92nd birthday!

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