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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Just some hen pics!

Have been wanting to get back and write on some of the chick raising activity, but will just post some photos.  Here is one Leghorn,  Rose the Delaware and Hermoine this afternoon. I was cleaning and rearranging the now-way-too-small pen area!!!

We're getting close to THAT TIME now. So I stuck a couple of cat carriers in as "nest boxes". Boy, did that cause a ruckus!

One of the things I really like about the Delaware's appearance is their necklaces. Each is unique to that bird. Plus they have a nice full figure. The Leghorns are a thinner looking breed . Personally I like to see a big fat round hen poking around in the yard.

What a sweet face! Well, at least for a chicken.

Here is that svelte Leghorn body type I was talking about! hahaha  Plus they seem to be really LOUD birds. And fairly jumpy too. My nerves do not need that right now.  We''ll see how successful my attempts to rehome them are.

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