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Monday, March 4, 2013

This is What I Wake Up To.

   When I wake up in the mornings, I usually see Ronan looking at me from some weird angle or another. I decided to put the camera on my nightstand so I could try for some photos. He and Brave Dave are the only cats I'm letting into the bedroom right now. With all of them in there, it just got to be TOO MUCH! Blossom has snuck in too. But Shhhhh... we don't want the rest of the dogs to hear. (I need to rearrange the whole room before I let them all in.)

   Brave Dave gets tired of the commotion pretty easily, so sometimes he moves off the bed completely. I've set up some nicely padded areas for him. Especially in this cool weather we've been having!

   Hes an older guy, after all. And since Enya's passing, hes been a little bit lonely. Choosing to hang out with Ronan most of the time.
   And "no", I didn't do a post for Enya yet. She took a bad turn for the worst while my mother was in the hospital. I barely had time to dig her a proper grave. It was horrible. But things are starting to straighten out a little bit, so it won't be too long before I can say a few loving words for her.

    Ronan, as usual, just TAKES OVER where ever hes at!!! But he is mellowing a little bit. And hes been very nice to Dave. Heck, hes been nice to Blossom too! And he hasn't smacked Jake around in a while. Hmm... wonder what he has up his sleeve? 

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