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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Something Just HAS To Be Done!

    What was I thinking? Oh my. Don't get me wrong, it has certainly served its purpose. I just need to modify things.... immediately. Now, my hens spend their nights in the blue shed. Its roomy, ventilated and most of all, safe. I let them out in the mornings, later on they go up in this pen for a few hours. Before sunset I let them out again to forage until bedtime. Its worked for three years! But I need to streamline the whole poultry area.  So I have to enclose this little coop and make a bigger run for them. Sounds simple, huh? Nope. Lots of things need to be done before I can even start on the henhouse project itself.

      The ground itself needs work, then a foundation. The loquat tree will have to be removed. And I have to peak this somehow and put on a decent roof. I am not, in any shape of form, a carpenter!!! hahaha  Have a really nice door that my friends gave me. Just need to figure out how to put up a frame for it. Need to hunt up a few windows while I'm at it. Oh geez!!! Better not get ahead of myself. I'll tackle this from the ground up, literally. Wish me luck!!!

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