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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Its Just About THAT Time of Year Again.

The hens have been looking at me askew lately. Guess they're heard the blue jays and mocking birds talking about the mulberries!!! Can't convince them that they aren't ripe yet. And that the other birds eat them while they're still pink!  Oh well, my girls are a little bit spoiled.  Since I wanted to clean under the trees before my grandchildren start picking, I figured I'd find them some that had blown off in the wind. Keep them satisfied for a little bit at least!

Found quite a few berries! In all stages of ripening. Oh, the girls will be pleased with a big handful of these.

Then I found a ripe one!! And another! And the hens didn't get those.... I did!
Found plenty of others on the ground, even found a big fat grubworm.
That means I'll have some happy chickens!

Maynard came all the way out to the corner lot to help me with my work. He is turning out to be quite the garden cat!

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