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Monday, August 11, 2014

FINALLY! Some rain!

    Well, I've been wanting rain. Have been needing rain! Plants are dying out there! Yesterday it clouded up and spit a tiny bit on my yard.... and that was it. Today its as if the heavens opened up!!! We have a lot of run off, and a lot of spots washed out, but I'm pretty certain that quite a bit soaked into the ground too. I am SO THANKFUL for this!   
   Jacob however, is not nearly as appreciative of all of this. Mainly because it comes with a lot of thunder, lightning and high winds. He gets soooooo afraid! But remember, he has a good reason to be this way.  When he was small and still lived over at that horrible place down the street, he and the others had to live outside.  Then came the day that a Tropical storm came through... and most of the dogs were STILL outside. Jake was one of them! How do I know this? Because whenever the rain would let up a little I could hear several of the dogs screaming in fear. Some sounded awfully young!  Their cries really burned into my brain.... it was so heartrending to listen to them.       Anyway, not long after Jacob came to live with us, there were a couple of instances where he became so terrified that he would start crying and screaming... and YES, I recognized that as one of the ones from the storm.    Thankfully he doesn't do that anymore!! chuckle   Now he just tries to either hide under my legs or get me to let him into my bed. If Blossom and I are there with him... then all the better.  
   Today was one of those days... I was doing some preliminary sketches and the dogs were doing what they do the best.... cuddling up and sleeping. And trying to ignore Coco Kitteh. She wanted them to play! And they were not in the mood for that! hahaha

   Blossom has one certain corner of the mattress that she has staked out as her own. And she likes it all to herself!

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