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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Chillin' in front of the air conditioner.

   Well, the rain has forsaken us again! Its HOT and HUMID! Blossom and Jacob try so hard everyday to convince me that they just HAVE to go lay on my bed in front of the little air conditioner. And you know what? They know a good thing when they feel it!! hahaha 
   I try to join them whenever possible.

   Jake is a real bed hog! He takes up so much space! And he likes to burrow in the pillows like a baby squirrel.

   Blossom has much better manners! She usually takes a corner and stays there. Unless, of course, Jake is trying to annoy her.... which he does.... A LOT!
   Oh well, its a great way to spend time on a hot afternoon. Whether they're playing or napping, its just a joy to be together!    Remember, always take the time to be with your furbabies... you'll never regret it!

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