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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Allergies Have Struck!

   Poor Jake! Check out the skin on his neck. He always has an allergy to something, but this time he is just one big hot mess! I think its a combination of things. Grief, worry, food allergies (?), nerves (lots of thunderstorms) and, of course, these damn fleas! I really need to save up some money and have him tested so we can specify this allergy thing! (Kind of like all the other things I need money for around here! hahaha) And Blossom is itching and chewing too.

   With Sybil I'm hoping its JUST the fleas! She is in the upper left hand corner of this photo. My grandson now calls her "naked cat". How undignified!! Both sides of the back of her torso are hairless. There is a strip of fur on her back and her tail is just beautiful! From there on down..... NOTHING!
   What a time we are having around here.   Oh, and lest I forget, the hens have mites too. Sheesh!
   On a positive note I've found some posts on natural insect repellents and the like at one of the chicken raising blogs I follow. Am going to give them a try and see what happens.

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