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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

WHAT? More Rain is Coming!

   That's what Bella seems to be saying to me! The yard cats have about had it with all the rain showers! But they help keep the temperatures down, so I'm as happy as can be!  It does create a lot of work, especially when the heavy rain washes out underneath the mobile home. That's an unpleasant job that I don't look forward to doing. But I have to reinforce it somehow. And its cool up under there. So that's a plus.   Had a real toad-choker the other day and the chickens were, well..... mad as wet hens! (Sorry. I just can't resist a bad joke) So will have to start from scratch (get it?) and come up with a new plan for the proposed henhouse and coop. Need to take advantage of that cool air under the trailer somehow. Summer heat is so hard on the girls!
    Well I'm having an issue with the spiders again. And this time its akin to war.  Heres what happened..... tell me if I'm over reacting.  I was sitting at the kitchen window yesterday and there is a large orb weaver web under the awning. I'm ok with that. Actually its fascinating to watch her go about daily life. But then I saw a dragonfly get one of its wings caught! And the spider started down the web! Of course I jumped up and bolted out the door!!!! Its only about five feet away, so it didn't take long. By the time I shut the door behind me the spider was all ready trying to hog tie that dragonfly! I just grabbed up a walking stick and leaned over the railing to knock them apart as gently as I could. Success! The "mosquito hawk" flew away!!   Now, I love the dragonflies! Always have.     Spiders.... not so much. I admit to having  arachnophobia. (Childhood experiences. shudder!)  But this was too much! My plan is to remove the webs that I can and if possible relocate the spiders elsewhere on my property.... at much lower elevations. Don't know if that would really help the dragonflies or not. Might keep ME from walking into so many webs as I go about my yardwork!!! I can't begin to count the times I got webbing all over my face and in my hair ~ sometimes with the spider still in it!! Yep. THAT made up my mind! I'm NOT over reacting. I'm doing this! 

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